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“women, work, and globalization”
Paper instructions:
Please answer either question 1, or 2.
Question 1. You are designing a newsletter for families on the challenges of balancing work and family life. You may select any population you would like to target, for example, you could do a newsletter for emerging adults who are about to graduate on some of the issues they may be facing as they move into the professional workplace. You should first think of an area of interest to you, and then your potential recipients. Try to think about this as something you could put into a portfolio- so for example, if you are interested in working with families on selecting a child care facility you might use that as your newsletter. Here you are encouraged to do something you would really be able to use at some point.
Question 2. You are designing a study of issues in work and family that you hope will get at the key issues facing today’s families. Consider what you think are the three main issues (hint, your readings thus far should help) and any special issues you might have to consider when doing research in this area. Describe how you would conduct your research and hypothesize about what you think you will find in your results.
Please answer either question 3 or 4
Question 3. Part of our challenge in balancing work and family is that we are a very consumer oriented culture. We like our “stuff” and many of us are good at accumulating “stuff”. There are also many incentives for us to keep purchasing, in fact right after 9-11 we were encouraged to “buy something”. Analyze your own lifestyle and what you could change (you did a bit of this on the discussion board earlier). I am asking you to expand on this, being realistic at the same time. If you made a change, how do you think this would affect your family members? One of the challenges to “downsizing” is that children are especially sensitive to media messages about “stuff”. How would you deal with media messages? You may use what you have learned from The Story of Stuff” to help you answer this question, just be sure you cite it appropriately.
Question 4. You are given the opportunity, in fact are compelled, to go back to
one time period (at least 20 years) in American history and live out your life in that time period. Based on what you have learned about work and family issues, as well as historical information from your own families, pick that time period and develop a rationale for why you choose that time. You may limit yourself to a particular social class, or a particular employer.
Please choose either question 5 or 6..
Question 5. We saw the video on the Bowlings, a limited resource family in the hills of Kentucky. First, define work and family from the Bowlings perspective. Are work and family obligations evenly distributed in this extended family by age, gender, and ability? If you were a member of the family what would they expect of you? How do you think this family represents limited resource families in general? You may use particular characters to illustrate your points if you wish.
Question6. You have decided to seek employment with health and social services in the county seat where the Bowlings live. (Remember this is about 2hours from their homes- you work in the same building as the courthouse). You are planning to assess the extended family living in American Hollow, their strengths and challenges, and then make specific suggestions to the family for improving work and family life. Being realistic, develop an assessment and plan for change for this family.

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