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Entrepreneurship – Corporate Business Aviation Service
Paper instructions:
You are required to write a 2000 word report consisted of two parts, Executive Summary of your Business Plan accompanied by Financial Requirements of your enterprise.
1.An executive summary is a document that you could present to a potential investor. It should summarise the business opportunity, the details of the product/service, the market opportunity, the strategy for pricing distribution, the financial and other resource requirements of the business, and initial sales numbers.
2. Finance has been linked to the life-blood of any business; it flows through the various operating areas of an enterprise and provides them with the sustenance to keep going. It is also the most common way of measuring the health of an enterprise. Financial measurements such as cash flow and profits tell us whether the enterprise is actually increasing in value. Please provide answers to the following questions:
a. What sources of finance are available to your enterprise from debt and equity sources?
b. What financial management controls are required to maximise the cash flow and profits of your enterprise?
The two parts have to be equally represented in your word count with given flexibility of 10%. Your work has to be presented in a report style and include references.
GS (Golden Standard) Business Aviation.
Is an exclusive provider of global business aviation, offering a diverse range of services including aircraft management for private and commercial clients, aircraft charter with global price solutions for clients worldwide. Headquartered in Paphos Airport (Cyprus) however is a worldwide airline service aimed at high-income individuals, large corporations who are looking for a one in a lifetime experience while traveling towards their endeavours through the vast skies of planet earth.
The company’s unique selling point is the all inclusive experience, out shining anything the current market has to offer, it goes without saying that the ever expanding fleet of Golden Standard is equipped with the state of the art machinery in terms of Business Aviation, GS features airplanes such as Gulfstream made planes from G200 all the way up to the trendsetting and innovative G650.
In addition, GS pilots fly AirBus ranging from A319 to A340 including standing agreements with both Airbus and Boeing for future orders on large aircrafts.
The machines are entirely custom, designed luxuriously by world-renowned experts in their craft featuring the Golden Standard colour gamma.
There are many attractive services provided on-board. One of them is the ‘Golden Standard Sky Boutique’ that offers a large range of exclusive products ranging from clothes to tech-gadgets and daily hygiene which helps the passenger in case of emergency or when there is no time to shop at the destination. This will be an exclusive duty-free on board service for the passengers.
Golden Standard Business Aviation revenue streams come from constant activity in the market of money, the constant growth of the business world, the ever expanding companies all over the globe that interact with one another, increased amount of holiday destinations, ancillary revenues such as the above mentioned on board boutique, high end on board catering, access to wi-fi in flight at all times. GS revenue streams will also come from additional services offered to GS clients when they are off board of the airplane, the ‘Golden Standard Concierge’ providing the customer with services such as exclusive hotel, restaurant, event ticket booking, business class transport arrangements, millionaire holiday packages and a general life time partnership that could help ease customers life thereafter.
Additional revenue streams are to be generated by the transatlantic flights using large aircrafts such as the Airbus or the Gulfstream G500-G650.
GS also generates a large income from a niche that it has discovered while being based in Cyprus, the Cyprus-Russia(return) route has become increasingly popular due to the popularity and the large migrant population of Russians all over South Cyprus and a large market for Russian investment which has already established itself in the country and the close bonds between countries allow relaxed visa policies. There is money for GS services to be in demand.
Main competition is any company that is making an effort to attract customers in this market. Golden Standard doesn’t underestimate the rivals. GS considers their strategies and guarantees to do everything possible to improve upon and set the Golden Standard for this type of service.

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