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 1) Using the simplified Jeffersonian transcription system from Rapley, do a transcription of the section of the AUDIO of the video ‘Little Gir Plays with Dead Squirrel’ (at the 01:09-01:33 timecode). Although you are only
transcribing that section of the audio of the video, you should watch the entire thing, repeatedly, for context.
The video is available
on Youtube at URL:
2) You must also submit a 400 word reflection on the utility of, and
potential issues of, using Conv ersation Analysis as a method – how well does it do what it sets out to do? If the aim ofthe method isto
get data on ‘naturally occurring action and interactions’ (R apley, p. 427) , and the labour of transcription in Conversation Analysis is to
get you to notice the ‘taken-for-granted features of people’stalk and interaction’;Rapley, p.428),how successful has your attempt at
transcription been in unpacking the significance ofthe conv ersational exchange.
This reading is useful forthis SECTION:
Rapley, T.
(2012). Analysing conversation. In C. Seale (Ed.), Researching society and culture pp.
424-440. London, England: Sage.
Section 2: 400
There are TWO components to this exercise (200 words each):
Semiotic Analysis
1) Your quick semiotic analysis of 2 individual
Australian postage stamps (OR 1 series of commemorative stamps). Choose from the stamps in the zipped folder attached here Orfrom the
philatelic collectors site at (click the entry for the stamJ1,then clickthe picture of the stamp
on the opening page, then the picture of the stamp on the next opening page to get the best size image!) You should use the Childs article
(and my modelling of ‘quick
look’ semiotic analysis in LP7.2 and 7.3) as your guide to what to look for in the stamps, and you
attemptto identify the waythe elements of icon, index and symbol work as semiotic pointers on the stamps you are
2) Question for critical reflection: In terms of a method to determine the cultural values of a nation and its peopIe,how
useful to a social or cultural researcher is a semiotic analysis of issued coins or stamps?
This reading is useful for this
Child, J. (2005). The Politics and Semiotics of the Smallest Icons of Popular Culture: Latin American
Postage Stamps. Latin
American Research Review, 40, 108-126; 136-137

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