Aine Experienced Homelessness From 14 Years Of Age And Was Involved In Out Of Hours Homeless: Sociology Assignment, DBS, Ireland

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University Dublin Business School (DBS)
Subject Sociology

Assessment 2: Individual Presentation

Learning Outcomes Addressed

4. Scrutinize the concept of social power and apply this to the relationship between a social worker and a client.

5. Critically analyze the marginalization and discrimination experienced by people due to social inequalities.

Case Studies 5.

Aine experienced homelessness from 14 years of age and was involved in out of hours homeless services and social work services. Aine was involved in juvenile sex work while on the streets to pay for cigarettes and recreational drug use. Now at 24, Aine is the victim of a serious violence attack from a client she met as a sex worker. Aine has come to the attention of the Duty Medical Social Worker through A& E. However, despite legislative changes `The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017`, which no longer criminalizes Aine’s involvement in sex work, Aine will not disclose her involvement in sex work to the Duty Social Worker or the Gardai.

Exploration Of 4 Specific Tasks:

A thorough exploration of each specific task:

  1. Clearly evaluates intervention and power
  2. analyses the inequalities and the broader structures in society
  3. identifies a plan of action informed by sociology
  4. analyses the power of the social worker.

CORU Domains Addressed

Domain 1.1 A) Act in the best interest of service users at all times and within the boundaries of the profession.

Domain 1.1 C) Provide and articulate professional and ethical practice.

Domain 1.2 A) Acknowledge and respect the differences in beliefs and cultural practices of individuals or groups.

Domain 1.2 B) Promote equality and mutual respect, without prejudice, in a culturally competent, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive manner.

Domain 1.2 D) Demonstrate a commitment to human rights and social justice.

Domain 1.5 A) Recognise personal responsibility for one’s actions and be able to justify the reasons for professional decisions made.

Domain 2.1 C) Recognise and understand the concepts of power and authority in relationships with service users.

Domain 5.1 A) Be able to gather appropriate information.

Domain 5.1 D) Analyse and critically evaluate the information collected.

Domain 5.3 E) Demonstrate a logical and systematic approach to problem-solving.

Domain 6.1 A) Demonstrate a critical understanding of social work theory, methods and skills, social policy, sociology, psychology, social research, law and the legal system, economics, political science, and other related social sciences.

Domain 6.1 B) Demonstrate an understanding of the theories of individual and social development across the life span and within different cultures

Domain 6.1 F) Understand interpersonal and social structural influences on the individual, group and community, including marginalization, stigma, discrimination, and oppression.


Prepare a 20-minute presentation on the case study assigned to you, incorporating the following:

  • Analyse the inequalities that exist in the case study using sociological theory and perspectives. Within this identify the broader structures that are impacting on this case.
  • Outline a plan of action/intervention that you would employ, identify where your practice decisions are informed by your learning in this module. Through an analysis of power, explore what discourses, regimes of truth and discursive practices are impacting on your response to/practices in this case?
  • Discuss your position of power within the plan of action/intervention, and outline possible power differentials that may exist within this case study.