Business and Sustainability

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Business and Sustainability

This essay represents 20% of your final grade. Your task for this assignment is to compose a 1800-2100 word original academic essay in which you analyze how the idea of sustainability has effected a particular business’ philosophy, mission, and values. Your essay should include references to at least two texts from our class reading list:

the rest are attached


you may also use incorporate other additional academic source material, such as scholarly journal articles from a database source, such as ProQuest.

In addition to incorporating research from text sources, students are required to perform field research and incorporate their findings into their writing. The most common type of field research would be to interview people in the field, or survey co-workers or friends. Your research should be comprised of at least 6-8 interview or survey questions, and your analysis of your research findings should comprise a major part of your essay.



Analyze an organization’s philosophy with the idea of sustainability in mind. Compose writing in a style and tone appropriate for an academic audience. Employ the APA style.

See Moodle.

APA Style.

Please use a standard font, such as Times New Roman 12 Point Black

A full length draft is required for peer review.

In addition to your 1800-2100 word original essay, an APA Cover Page, Abstract page, and References page are also required.