Causes and consequences of the following Global Crisis

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Compare and Contrast the causes and consequences of the following Global Crisis

East-Asian crisis, Argentinean Crisis, Russian Crisis and Sub-prime Crisis, Greece.
Project description
This answer requires awareness of different perspectives regarding the causes of economic crises, and the role of globalization. You need to focus on the identification of commonalities and differences between crises. Comparative charts will be useful
Key author : Stiglitz : Chapter ‘The East Asian Crisis’(Course Readings Pack 3.) and Who Lost Russia, in Globalization and its discontents, Also Hirst & Thompson: ( i.e The developing Economies and Globalization, appendix the East Asian Crisis) .
Argentina Solanas, P (2004) Memoria del Saqueo/ A social genocide(documentary)
Subprime Crisis: Stiglitz, ( 2010) Freefall, Free Markets and The Sinking of the Global Economy; Lewis, M (Ed) ( 2009) ‘Panic: The history of Modern Financial Insanity’ ( one chapter: the people’s panic is in Course Readings Pack 3. The reading says lecture 8 in handwriting, y author: Stiglitz
USE REFERENCES ( in- essay citing and as bibliography list)
In-essay citing
According to Jones (1994). Direct quotation: “ text you are quoting “ (Dicken, 2004, pp44 ). Author quoted by other author ( Marx in Dicken, 2004, pp44)
(MN216 , lecture 9)
Bibliography list
Jones, G ( 1994), The Evolution of International Business, London: Routledge
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