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Computer sciences and Information technology
1.(5 pts) What configuration file does a server engineer need to edit to tell a server about it’s default, (or local) dns server?
2.(6 pts) Provide two good reasons why Linux was chosen as the os platform for Android smart phones.
3.(12 pts) A system engineer configures (2) identical servers named USPHL010 and USPHL020. He then configures ufw software to run on server USPHL010 to deny all traffic except web, port 80 traffic.
a.What can you say about comparing a web application running on both servers? Will server USPHL010 have more or less resource capacity
b.Explain your answer.
c.What can you say about the security of both servers?
d.Explain your answer?
4.(5 pts) What file is consulted to resolve host names, before using DNS was common practice?
5.(5 pts) I made and saved changes to /etc/network/interfaces, and they aren’t taking effect. Why?
6.(5 pts) What does grep –c ‘’ filename do?
7.(5 pts) What does this regular expression ^3[5,7][0-9] mean? Break down each part and explain.
8.(10 pts) Concerning regular expressions
a.What does (0[1-9]|1[012]) mean?
b.What common data field could it represent?
9. (6 pts) Concerning Security
a.What type of device, (normally considered a network component), marks the borders, (or boundaries) of a DMZ?
b.What command/utility in Ubuntu provides similar protection on a server as your response to 9 a)?
10. (5 pts) What file contains commands to run cron jobs? Give its path and file name.
11. (6 pts) What type of servers are normally located inside a network DMZ? List at least (2) types of servers.
12. (5 pts) Where do I find who and when the sudo command was used?
13.( 5 pts)What utility can be used in Linux to watch files to make sure no one manipulates them?
14.(5 pts) What command lets you coordinate time settings in your network with an external server?
15.(5 pts) Describe what this cron job record does. Assume prod is a service account. Be specific.
30 22 5 * * prod /home/prod/transfermonfunds
16. (5 pts) Describe what this cron job record does.
45 23 * * sun root /jobs/maintainlogfiles
17) (5 pts) Fill in the following table. Explain your basis for calculating the usable capacities.
Use N = total # of drives in the array, and C = Capacity of each drive
RAID level Minimum number of drives Usable capacity

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