EDC case ( Manson, Post, Larson, and Purchasing)

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EDC case ( Manson, Post, Larson, and Purchasing)

1. What are some of the key ideas or insights you would like to remember from our discussion of the? EDC case (i.e., Manson, Post, Larson, and Purchasing)
2. What is the most important characteristic of “star performers” according to Kelly?
3. What is the critical idea described in the creativity article of “Breakthrough Thinking”?
4. What are some of the critical ideas described in the innovation article of “Blue Ocean”?
5. Based on the class scores calculated from the arctic survival exercise, what are the two main? generalizable conclusions we discussed?

6. What is the critical structure of the arctic survival exercise (or any creative brainstorming technique)? and why is that structure so key to the exercise?
7. What are the two “moments of power” described by Cialdini in his presentation?
8. What did Guy Kawasaki mean when he said “eat like a bird and poop like an elephant?”
9. What are two of the critical ideas underneath the “user based paradigm of innovation” or the lead? user methodology? Can you give an example of a user based innovation?

10. What is the difference behind the concepts of sustaining and disruptive innovation and what are the? implications of the research findings for small start-up entrepreneurial companies?

11. Finally, based on the “Gunfire at Sea” case, what could LT. Sims have done that he did not do that? might have allowed him to “sell” his continuous gunfire at sea innovation?