English and Literature

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English and Literature

1. You may select one book but it must be an illustrated book and not a children’s picture book. OR

2. You may select two books but one must be an illustrated book and one a children’s picture book. OR

3. You may select three books and one must be a children’s picture book.

Selection of theme/issue

Select a common theme you can find from the book/books selected. However, there can be several themes/issues cited in the books selected, depending on how one look at it. Its acceptable.

As it is a bachelor(hons) degree so I required a professional and scholar standard, it must be 4000 words and not exceed. Times New Roman, double spacing. Please read more instructions or informations in the upload additional materials. Sources/References: 8-12, must be published with author name and year etc. No careless mistake so please check spellings, grammar, vocabulary and etc. deliver a remarkable paper free of plagiarism please. Please check plagiarism.

And please be online as agree timing and not offline all the time.