Ethical Standards in Scientific Research

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Ethical Standards in Scientific Research

According to Shi (2008), ethical consideration is a critical issue in moderation of research outcomes. Ethical considerations are applied in research to aid in the maintenance of the quality of the research project and the findings. Research in the healthcare industry is considered as a scientific inquiry they are supposed to make use of scientific research theories. Another ethical standard concerns the use of qualitative research approaches. Protection of individual researchers from the potential dangers of research processes is also a critical issue in scientific research.

The other issue addressed is the modality of funding of scientific research (Shi, 2008).
Ethics is often desired in scientific research as it plays a critical role in maintaining the quality of research outcomes in research. Ethical conduct of scientific research helps safeguard the subject under research by ensuring that the results of research are reliable. Ethics define the do’s and don’ts of research. It limits scientific researchers to the subject of study and the acquisition of results and analysis in an objective way. Objectivity is attained via the adherence to research procedures, standards, as well as methods. The core principles of research are adhered to through the utilization of ethical considerations in research.

The principles include honesty in data presentation and reporting, independence in the analysis and interpretation of research results and the avoidance of error in the data analysis. Others are openness in data and method sharing, as well interpretation, via publication and presentation of findings. Adherence to ethical considerations also ensures proper accreditation of ideas, data, information and sources. Sufficiency in result validation is attained through the collaboration in research (Stewart, 2011).
The internet is a powerful source of information for modern researchers. However, ethical considerations have to be observed to avoid mail-use of data from the internet. The main ethical issues that surround internet research include issues like confidentiality and privacy of data, data integrity, adherence to professional standards and issues of intellectual property rights. Researchers are required to be cautious while collecting data from internet sources. They are required to establish the validity of the source of information, as well as, the validity of the data itself. This resonates from the finding that most of the information on the internet is not always authentic. Thus, it leads to questionable research findings. Most of the ethical issues in internet research revolve around the use and manipulation of information using computer technology. These issues are also broadening and spilling to human aspects apart from data issues. This calls for detailed guidance on the use of the internet and its reliability as a source of data in scientific research (Buchanan, 2004).

Funding is a very important component of research processes. It ensures the acquisition of all the necessities of a research project. There are four main types of research project funding. Each source funding is named according to the source of funds. The first source of funding for the research project is a government. There is also funding from the private industry, professional organizations and foundations. Each of this funding is directed to research projects seeking to promote courses (Shi, 2008).

The funding of research project is considered to be an ethical issue. Researchers around the globe are pressured to reveal the sources of funding for their researches. The main argument surrounding this is the issue of interest in outcomes. Research funders many want to influence the funding of research projects to favor certain courses. There is the need for a comprehensive framework to guide the funding of research projects to minimize the politicking of research projects.

Ethical issues in scientific research revolve around many issues among ten sources of data, analytical processes, as well as, sources of funding for research. Ethics in research are a wide concept that needs to be broken down for ease of understanding and practice.
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