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Examine the fundamental impact of demographics and technology on contemporary adult learning overall. Speculate on the potential impact that either demographics or technology changes might exert in shaping the trajectory of adult education ten years from now. Justify your response.

Adult Education is referred to as those learners that have successfully completed mandatory public schooling, usually around the age of eighteen. The fundamental impact of demographic and technology both plays an important role in today’s society. Reading this chapter there are simply more adults in our society than ever before, and the population will continue to grow. More adult are attending more college than ever. So many adults have little or no education. Technology can allow adults to have access to society in ways imagine regardless the race or status. This may include employment, education, and when communicating and networking on the 21st century. Demographics and technology in adult education are two factors that shapes our society. The adult learner differs a lot from a child. Most adults can not read and write. Most can not function enough in society due to barriers when they were young. Technology allows adults learner to have access to employment, education and society as a whole. The demographics will continue to change but technology will increase the knowledge and economic growth of the adult learner. For example adults that require changes and updated information can use technology to assist when working and going to school. It is evident that technology will impact the economy and adults education. As for demographics shifts are not impossible.

From the e Activity, examine Marshall McLuhan’s half-century old perspective of technology’s role in influencing learning within the global village a concept McLuhan had coined. Next, evaluate the relevance of McLuhan’s pronouncements in relation to technology’s fundamental role in adult education policies and practice within today’s global village.

Marshall McLuhan video discuss how books and research papers are being taking over by technology. Based on the video technology has change and telephones in the homes are being rarely used due to cell phones. Television, movies, books, and even teaching in schools and colleges has changed. This global village that Marshall discussed is continuously changing and with this how we communicate, research, and learn will change. More people are turning to smart televisions and Internet to research things. I think now that we have all these apps for these smartphones we eliminate a lot of good research.