International financial markets

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The organization of international financial markets (debt, equity, foreign exchange, derivative) and their role in international trade and economic performance.
Learning Outcomes Examined
• Understand the organization of financial markets under the international economic and financial system;
• Discuss the risks and opportunities related to the international financial markets;
• Critically evaluate the roles/functions of financial markets in worldwide investment, production and consumption etc;
• Search for information from different sources;
• Write and reason in an academic manner.
NOTE: Students must submit the coursework on 7/12/2013.
Essay Marking Criteria Guidelines
The guidelines below reflect the standards of work expected at the postgraduate level. Essays will be double marked (normally marked by the module leader and then moderated by another member of staff) . All essays will be made available to the external examiner(s).
70% and above (Distinction)
• As for the (60-69%) below plus:
o Shows clear evidence of wide and relevant reading (including sufficient relevant journal articles)
o Develops sufficient convincing and intelligent arguments
o Provides a balanced engagement between factual details, theoretical issues and critical analyses/argument
o Shows a willingness to offer original thinking or a good ability to reconcile different opinions
o is structured in a logical manner, with a scholarly written introduction and conclusion
o Cites and references properly
o References above 40