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Find an example of a firm that faced a major problem in its international operations arising from a major political risk, or a major legal risk, or fundamental ethical dilemma. Describe the situation the firm faced. State what industries were involved. State what countries were involved. What was the nature of the risk or dilemma the firm faced? How did it arise? What did the firm stand to lose? What were the firm’s choices in dealing with the issue? What did the firm choose to do to resolve the situation? What might you have recommended the firm might do differently?
In answering this question, use the concepts covered in this chapter of the e-text to guide your answer. For example if your firm faced a political risk, draw upon the concepts related to political risk such as what kind of political risk it was. If it was a legal risk draw from the concepts in the book dealing with legal risks such as what kinds of legal systems were involved in the firm’s home and host cultures, perhaps common law systems clashing with either civil law systems…perhaps religious law was the factor. If yours is an ethical case, then draw from those sections in the book. This time please include one reference as well as the appropriate in-text reference citations for it. Look to forum discussions on how to handle these in APA style.

Remember to follow the guidelines:

    • Don’t copy anything from anywhere and write completely in your own words.
    • Do not use any direct quotations.
    • Do not use bullet points.
    • Have your essay spell-checked and grammar checked. We recommend you have someone proof-read your essay before you submit it.
    • To earn full points your essay should be between 750 and 1000 words including the one reference and its related in-text citations.

If you don’t have any ideas of what situations to write about, try what is happening in the Ukraine right now; The Ukrainians were about to enter into a major deal with the European Union. How is this affecting European firms doing or planning to do business with entities in the Ukraine? How about Russian firms? How about the impact of proposed sanctions against Russian economic concerns? There are a lot of examples to draw from.
Perhaps you might be interested in what is happening right now in Venezuela. People are dying in the streets there too. Syria, Iraq, Iran … all of those countries could be the source for your essay. If that doesn’t do it, start with major industries. Big Pharma is a great one for these kinds of cases. Rent the film “The Constant Gardener” for some superb ideas. How about the tobacco industry and its expansion into countries such as Indonesia. Those are just a few places to look. This should be a rich learning experience for you.

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