Investiment Project

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This is a report on a project that we did in our Finance class. The report has to analyse my performance on this project (GAME) . The project was to play in an investment game. The game allows us to invest 100,000.00 dollars on min of 5 different stocks. Now we need to write a report about the investments that we did. In order to write the report the writer has to sign in to the website to view the performance. The website address and the instruction of the game is attached as a tool to look around the website to figure out the game .The website is in order to log in please use the following information The USERNAME is : SFAHIMI0 and Password is : Parisa22
This is an individual project. You can take help from your classmates to learn about the
trading process and familiarize yourself with the game website, but you need to pick
your own stocks based on your own analysis. At the end of the semester, you will need
to submit a brief 5-page report as described later in this document.
Go to
You will have $100,000 to invest. You need to pick at least 5 individual stocks (you can
pick more if you like) for investment during the game period. You do not have to buy
them all at once, but you can make investments at different points in time. Note that you do not have to invest the entire $100,000 amount in these stocks; you can keep some
money in cash or otherinvestments (such as exchange traded funds) if you like.
(8) You can buy and sell as many times as you like, but just remember that each time you
make a trade, you will pay $10 as trading commission.
(9) As we proceed through the course, you will learn new things about investing. Check
your portfolio throughout the semester to see how can apply newly acquired knowledge
to improve the performance of your portfolio.
(10) On December 10, you will submit a brief report of about 5 pages. The report will
describe what stocks you traded in during the game period (name of the company and
ticker symbol), the criteria you used to buy or sell particular stocks (in particular, you
need to highlight what you learned during the course to improve your trading
performance), a note on your overall performance, and if you would do anything
different in future trading to further improve your performance.
(11) Your project grade will be based primarily on how thorough you were in your analysis
of the stocks you chose and the portfolio you formed, and not on the performance of your
portfolio. Remember that I am more interested in whether you applied the concepts you
learned during the course and not so much in how well your portfolio did.
(12) You will gain the most out of this project if you think as if you have invested your own
$100,000 for this project. Think about how careful you would be if it was your own
money and use that same caution and prudent judgments in making your trading
decisions. All of us make mistakes, but it is better to make mistakes with fake money
rather than real money, and this project provides you an opportunity to learn from your
mistakes for your future investments. Some Useful Websites
Yahoo Finance (news and detailed analysis of individual stocks)
Google Finance (news and detailed analysis of individual stocks)
Bloomberg (financial and market news) (financial and market news and commentary)
IndexFunds (best in-depth source on indexing) (company profiles and analysis) (stock research and discussion boards) (earnings estimates and analyst recommendations) (Chart School is informative)
Suggestions for Preparing Your Project Report
In addition to your analyses, the way you prepare and present the report is also important. I am
offering a few suggestions here for writing a concise report that covers all aspects. Please keep
in mind that these are just my “suggestions”; you are not required to stick to this format. If you
think you can present your work in a better way, feel free to use a different format.
The report should be “professional-looking”. Think about how you would present the report if
you are an analyst at a company and you are asked to write a report based on your analysis.
? Have a cover page with title, class, your name, and date
? Break the report into sections such as
? Introduction – Here you should briefly discuss what the purpose of the project is.
? Stock Selection and Portfolio – What stocks you selected and why; what are the
characteristics of your resulting portfolio (diversified, etc.). You will include any
analysis you did to pick your stocks in here. You should try to relate your analysis to
the concepts learned in class. You can include simple graphs within the report, but if
you have a lots of graphs, excel sheets, etc., consider using an Appendix.
? Performance – Discuss how your portfolio performed. You can include risk measures
such as beta of stocks, talk about risk-adjusted performance and performance relative
to the market portfolio, etc. Try to summarize results in tables, if possible.
? Conclusion – You will provide a brief conclusion. The most important thing in this
section is to talk about what you learned from the project and what you would do
differently if were to do this again (may be in real life with actual money).
? References – Include any references to books, news articles, websites, etc. after the