My drug is (Ondansetron)

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My drug is (Ondansetron)

I need you answer these questions to write each answer under question. My drug is (Ondansetron). Please use peer review for articles which use to answer these questions. Please use all Australian website when needed.

Please use Bryant, B. & Knights, K., 2011, ‘Legal and Ethical Foundations of Pharmacotherapy’ in Pharmacology for Health Professionals, 3rd Edition, Mosby, Please follow the structure guidelines which attached. Please avoid plagiarism and Wikipedia website to get information.

Please I need you to write original assignment, and please don’t give my assignment for any client to avoid plagiarism because may some client request the assignment. I have attached questions which you need to answer. I have attached file under name ( how to write this essay) so please is very important to guide you how to write this assignment.

Please upload all articles and materials which you have used for this assignment.