Organ Transplant

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Project instructions:
Biology ? Fall 2013 Final Research Paper
1. Students choose one topic from research topic list and explain in detail the disease/syndrome/problem.
2. Describe in detail anatomical (body) structures and physiological functions (how organs work) involved using words and visual aids.
3. Explain any genetic, environmental and/or age related factors.
4. Explain any possible medical cause of problem (heart problem)
5. Explain in detail symptoms and how problem is diagnosed (blood/genetic lab work, scan/x-rays, psychological test).
6. Explain in detail how problem is treated (medical and/or psychological treatment and/ or physical therapy).
7. Discuss any possible current and future (experimental) preventive cures.
8. Include an Introduction, conclusion, correctly formatted bibliography and title page.
9. Research paper must be at least two pages, 12 font size, single spaced not including visuals.