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1- Modern ‘selfish-gene’ Darwinism has been considered as a justification for individualistic selfish behaviour. Show how selfish-gene models can be used to explain complex forms of cooperation in the evolution of human society including the emergence of symbolic culture. 2000 words
1- SOURCES- Lecture: Comparisons of Western and Australian approaches to origins 1.
Reading for next week (to be summarised):-
Knight, C., R. Dunbar and C. Power 1999 An Evolutionary Approach to Human Culture. In Dunbar, R., C. Knight and C. Power (eds) The Evolution of Culture, Edinburgh UP, pp. 1-11.
Additional reading:-
Sahlins, M. 1960 The Origin of Society. Scientific American 203: 76-87.
Cowan, J. 1994 Kun-Man-Gur. The Rainbow Serpent. Boston & Bath: Barefoot Books. Foreword, pp.6-7.
3 – Lecture: Darwinian approaches. Introduction to The Selfish Gene. Sahlins’ objections.
Dawkins, R. 1989 [1976] The Selfish Gene. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.21-45.
Sahlins, M. 1977 The Use and Abuse of Biology. London: Tavistock, pp.ix-xv, 93-107.
Irons, W and L Cronk 2000. Two decades of a new paradigm. In L Cronk, N Chagnon and W Irons (eds) Adaptation and Human Behavior New York: Aldine de Gruyter, pp.6-10.
4 – Lecture: Darwinian approaches. Implications of ‘selfish genes’ for male and female strategies.
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