Principles of Marketing Forum Questions

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Principles of Marketing Forum Questions

Topics to be covered this period: Questions at the end ? Pricing theory and methods. ? Distribution and logistics decisions in marketing. Principles of Marketing Forum Questions
Reading assignment: Textbook: Chapters 12,13

Textbook:Marketing: The Core. Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius. McGraw-Hill, 4rd ed.

Choose to discuss two of the following questions, Please provide a separate post for each question. As noted in the Discussion Forum Document,Uploaded “a minimum of a 250-word essay for each question backed up by some good examples is acceptable.

Read through everything UPLOADED. Making reference to one or two examples is likely to strengthen your essays

1. Why do some marketing executives view pricing as the most difficult marketing mix decision?

2. Explain the limitations of cost-based pricing, and competition-based pricing. Under what conditions might a company favor one approach over the others?

3. Given that higher-priced products are often perceived as being higher in quality, what implications does a low price have for marketers using promotional pricing strategies?

4. Your company is about to launch a new brand of paper towels on the market that are more absorbent and durable than current paper towels being sold. Your boss wants you to consider both market-skimming pricing and market-penetration pricing strategies. What factors should you consider in making your decision?

5. Your company has just developed a new line of organic foods. Discuss the factors you should consider in selecting channel members. What methods will you use to motivate the channel members to work their best for you? Finally, how will you evaluate channel member performance?

6. Advances in technology and the increasingly widespread use of the Internet have led many firms to create Internet-based channels of distribution that bypass intermediaries and go right to the consumer. Provide an example of a specific manufacturing company that has used this approach. What does the company gain from using a direct-to-consumer Internet strategy?

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