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In the Fundamentals of Productivity? course, you were introduced to operations and supply chain management. The systems theory identifies these processes as some of the systems that make the organization a whole. Efficiency of the operations system assures quality production and conformance to established standards. The supply chain management makes is possible to deliver raw materials to the factory and transport the finished products efficiently to consumer. In the signature assignment, all individual activities in this course are brought together and you the chance to express your mastery of the subject.
Activity Resources:
All course resources.
Main Task: Assess the Productivity of a Company
After completing this course, you have decided to become an entrepreneur. You have the product you want to start manufacturing in mind. You have also developed a good business plan and are sure you will have no problem with financing. From what you have learned in the course, in a paper:
? Fully describe the features of the product.
? Analyze the manufacturing stages of your product.
? Assess operations concepts and the supply chain process until the product reaches the customer.
? Evaluate the various stages in an effort to fine tune them to assure quality product and delivery. Please do not forget items such as resources, labor and their costs.
Compare and contrast your product and plans with a similar product manufactured by a Fortune 500 company.

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