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Rapid and repeated origin of insular gigantism and dwarfism in Australian tiger snakes
Answer the following questions about the article “Rapid and repeated origin of insular gigantism and dwarfism in Australian tiger snakes” by Keogh, Scott and Hayes (2010) provided on blackboard. Each question is worth 20 points. Do not use more than 4 sentences to answer the questions (most can be answered with 1 or 2 sentences). Answer the questions with your own words, meaning do not repeat verbatim what is in the article (plagiarism). Your answers should be typed and returned to your recitation instructor on week 7 of the semester (i.e. March 10 or 12). Do not return your paper late. You will lose 30% of the grade for each day after the due date. If for whatever reason you can’t attend recitation the day the assignment is due, email it to your instructor.
1) Which evolutionary mechanisms could have influenced the evolution of dwarfism and gigantism on islands?
2) Why is the tiger-snake an excellent model to investigate the evolution of size change on islands?
3) What are the evidences demonstrating that gigantism and dwarfism evolved independently multiple times?
4) What are the evidences demonstrating that change in body size occurred very rapidly?
5) Explain how phenotypic plasticity could have played a role in the evolution of body size on the islands?

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