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Relationships between primates and their environments .

Relationships between primates and their environments.
Write a short research paper on primate ecology: relationships between primates and their environments.
This assignment is a type of research paper, not an opinion paper. You will research the interaction between diet, activity levels and social group patterns for two different species of primates and report you findings in a short paper.Consider the effects of different types of food on the size and composition of groups, predation risks, territories and niches, activity patterns (diurnal vs. nocturnal, for example), number of potential social partners and their relationships with one another in a specific environment.
Choose two primate species that have very different food sources (folivores and frugivore/carnivores, for example) or different ways of exploiting similar food sources (gorillas and bonobos exploit different aspects of the same environment and have very different social behaviors). Have a look at the following powerpoint presentation from CSU-Fullerton to get some ideas: HYPERLINK “
1) Use your textbook as your primary source of information: Stanford, Allen and Anton’s “Exploring Biological Anthropology” 3rd edition.
2) Use the following website as a resource: HYPERLINK “” (primate resource site)
You may use other primary sources of information. Primary sources are scholarly articles from scholarly journals, government publications or college-level educational sources.

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