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Reputation is a word that is common in every day discourse and often used without much attention to its complex meaning. As such, very little effort is invested in verifying the origin or accuracy of a particular reputation. You are required to choose a famous figure (she could be a literary figure, a politician, an artist etc… she could be a contemporary or a historical figure) and:

1) Research how this figure has his/her reputation established and in the process “considers” the reasons for his/her reputation

2) Comment on the problems associated with verifying the soundness of this reputation

3) Identify the factors that seem to have favored one account over another in the process of reputation construction

4) Reflect on how cultures and times influence our reading/interpretation of events integral to reputation construction

5) demonstrate why source materials (historical and contemporary) have to be used cautiously when constructing a reputation

6) Distinguish between myth and truth and then assess the impact they have on reputation construction

7) Investigate how the issue of “competing reputations” applies to your figure of choice


Guidance on Addressing the Topic
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