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Revision Great Arizona

 Paper instructions:
Linda Gordon, a renowned historian at the University of Wisconsin, in her groundbreaking book, Great Arizona Orphan Abduction, recreates history, giving accounts of the struggles of American Mexican immigrants of the 1900s. Using various range regarding research skills including evidence produced from real excerpts from the time and court proceedings, Gordon creates a vivid view of the plight faced by the church and its leaders in the 1900s. She tried to restrain the people from thinking along racial lines and descending into what is now worldwide abhorred vice, of racial and ethnic discrimination[1]. This paper is a book review of Gordon’s book stating by describing the central theme of the book and discussing the various mechanics and writing styles used by the author in the book. The review will then conclude with an assessment of not only the quality of the written work but also the strength and relevance of the central message carried by the book.

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