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T-Mobile: Life’s for Sharing, even in a recession.

 Paper instructions:
1) Introduction (background information on the brand or industry) 2) The specifics of the problem to be solved (market share decline, sales decline) 3) The agency’s solution to the problem and the translation of the solution into creative 4) The media plan (which media were emphasized) 5) Results (graphs/charts of the influence of advertising on sales/market share as well as the influence of advertising on intermediate variables such as brand awareness, brand attitude, perceptions of quality etc.) 6) The elimination of other possible causes of the results (ruling out the effects of price changes, distribution changes etc.), this one is big. At the end of the presentation you may wish to point out the key lessons that we learn from studying the case and/or what happened to the brand after the case and/or how is the brand marketed in other countries.

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