Talk about a community organization

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Talk about a community organization

For this assignment, choose one local community organization that is dedicated to some social, cultural or artistic purpose that addresses at least one of the social inequalities explained in our course materials.

Some basic organization types to think about might include ones that were founded to address:

art/environment exposure to various populations
battered families
educational attainment
ethnic empowerment
foster care
gender empowerment
immigrant & refugee transition
LGBT support
medical/surgery assistance
small business backing
workers rights

Please do not choose an organization that you are already involved in, as your previous engagement with the organization may constrict the capacity to learn and to critically asses the organization.

Through the organization’s own material, what others may have written about it, and if possible, your own interviews with members of the organization, prepare a report which describes:

The report should discuss but not be limited to the following:

the name of the organization,
description of the organization: its sources of funding, its organizational structure, whether it is a profit or nonprofit group, its history

Thesis (KEY!):
the explanation of SOC 350-related social issue(s) that the organization addresses
“Angles” (aka body paragraphs)
the types of activities it supports,
who the organization serves and whether the population that is recipient to the services are involved in leadership and decision making of the organization
how the organization works to contest and/or ameliorate the consequences of inequality.

stated purpose of the organization and your assessment of how well the organization meets the purpose

The most important part of the assignment is its analytic focus, i.e., discuss how the purpose, function, or other aspects of this organization reflect the major themes or ideas about cultural diversity and inequality that we are studying in this class.
Be specific.