Ten useful study apps for college students

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Ten useful study apps for college students

The college could be a very thrilling experience for many students because it is a start of a new life. For some, it can be really difficult to manage each and everything because it might be the first time that they are leaving their homes to stay in hostels and it is from then when the things start to become a mess. In a college, a person is basically transforming from a child to a mature person who is ready to show that they are ready to tackle real-life problems that they are going to face because that is what will be able to help them get successful in life.

Keeping aside the responsibilities one will get in college, a major plus point with the same is that you get to own your own smartphone be it Android, iOS or a windows phone and believe it or not, within a few weeks into the course and you will realise that your life is revolving around that phone and in no time you are addicted to the same. Before you reach a stage where everything you do is a mess and the mess that has been created is not being able to be sorted out, here is a list of some of the most popular Study Applications for College Students that are based on mobile phones for different operating systems that have been helping university students to make their lives a little bit less messy and more managed as compared to others.

Ten useful study apps for college students

Please note that these applications are tried and tested by the team of quickessaywriters.co.uk and might end up helping you in some of the very critical situations that a student has to face in the university where there is no family or paid labour to help you clean the mess created by the student. The list is for the applications that are mobile-based because that is something each and every college student carries to almost everywhere from a class lecture to a party, the only thing that one can see a student on is the mobile phone. Computer applications for the same might be available but they tend to be more effective for the people who stick to their desk for most of the time and not the college students who have to keep running from one point to another in their university life.

Here the list goes:

1. BenchPrep:

since most of the college students who are in their undergraduate or bachelor’s degree might be thinking of doing a masters degree in the same be it the engineering field or the management side and hence they need to start preparing for the entrance tests if there are any for the same. Since the number of applicants for the same are pretty high, the competition gets really tuff and the students have to study really hard if they want to have a seat in any of the elite universities of the country. For students who think that they don’t have time for the same because they have a lot of another task on their hand and their plate is already full, this application might be just for you.

This application has a set of instructions and tips for the exams that the student wants to prepare for. The best thing about this application is the feature of flash cards that it provides for these exams because of the fact that these cards help in memorising the things at a much efficient and fast rate. Many of the exams that the students like to give are present in the application and is really a great source of learning for the same. this application is available for both Android and iOS devices and hence is a really versatile application.

2. iStudiez-Pro:

This is one of the study applications that most of the members of the team of quickessaywriters.co.uk have used personally and according to us, we think that the most problematic thing a student has to face is to remember which class is when and the fear that scares the student to the core is to forget the date on which there was to be a very crucial examination and for these students who have been keeping their mind busy somewhere else, this app is the perfect solution for them because this will keep track of each and everything for the student because this is not only will help the student to track the important dates but will also provide them with reminders for the same.  This application is only available for iOS devices at the cost of $2.99 and might also be shifted to the Mac devices but is not available for Android as well as Windows operating system.

3. Evernote:

The basic fear that each and every child has is that of losing the completed assignment that has a deadline nearby for such students there is an application called Evernote that is available for each and every operating system that is windows android and iOS. The basic feature of this application is that it allows students to synchronise their homework or in that case any matter of Study material and hence the student can access each and every file from any device tell the time to remember the password for that account the special feature that this application has is that they have their own set of stationery that allows the student to automatically synchronise each and every subject as well this not only saves the time of the student in finding where the notes are but also helps them to store them one of the major advantages of such a mobile app is that it helps in saving a lot of paper because each and everything is electronic and digital.

4. StudyBlue:

one of the best ways to memorize stuff is to use flashcards for the same this not only reduces the time that is used to memorize the stuff but also makes the memorizing much more efficient as compared to the convention methods. The problem that students face while making flashcards is that it takes a lot of time and at most of the time these flashcards get lost at critical stages for such students there is an application known as the study blue flash cards which allows them to make digital flashcards that can use to used when the student wants to remember anything important. The best part about this flashcards is that they can be used at critical points like that of an examination where time is a very important thing. Another feature of this mobile app is that they have their own collection of flashcards for various subjects which the students can use when they feel the need to and hence save a lot of time and paper.

5. RealCalc Scientific Calculator:

This is an application basically for the students of the science branch where a lot of advanced calculation is needed to be done. The fact that scientific calculator is cost a fortune most of the students avoid it and hence reserve this results in them scoring very fewer marks in the examination. For such students, there is an application which is a replica of the scientific calculator and has almost 90% of the features of a scientific calculator. The fact that this application is available for each and every operating system make this application really versatile and the application is also really smooth because it uses the main processor of the mobile phone hence it not only stays smooth but is able to do some really complex calculations really fast.

6. EasyBib:

Are you one of those students who have a keen interest in reading books and you call yourself an avid reader then this mobile app might just be for you because it not only will help you remember the books that you wish to read or thought of reading and then forgot the same due to numerous number of reasons, or maybe a good friend of yours suggested you a book but you don’t remember the name anymore. this application allows one to store the barcodes of the book and remind you later in time about the book, the author, the name, the price and the location from where the book can be bought nearby. Apart from these wonderful features, this application also recommends books based on your past scans and past searches. This application is truly a heaven for people who are into some serious reading.

7. Dictionary:

This is a mobile app most of the students might be aware of because they have been using it since there childhood to find the meaning of the words that are not so common. Guess what now this comes in the form of an application hence making it quite easy to check words on the go. The application can be downloaded for all sorts of operating systems that are mobile-based like the android the iOS and Windows. This application has a dedicated website for the same the best part about this application is that apart from giving the meaning of the word they also provide with an appropriate example for the same hence making it easy for the students to use the words in for the day to day purposes.

8. Dragon Dictation:

if you’re one of those students who lack into typing then this application is just for you because nowadays since the students are getting a lot of assignment and hence the students who do not have a better typing speed than the rest of the class I’m not able to submit their assignments on time which results in lower rates and sometimes attention. Understanding about this problem of the students some software developers came with an application of Dragon dictation which uses highly precise voice to text conversion and this results in students to submit their assignments on time because this application types as the person dictate and hence makes the typing work really easy and error free. The best part about this application is its precision and speed because at the speed not even top-notch developers and applications are able to perform and the best part being this application is available for free of cost for the mobile operating system.

9. SelfControl:

If you are one of those students who are not able to control themselves in the middle of their examinations to go on Facebook all to use Instagram then this application might have a solution for you because it lets you block certain websites and means and allows you to set a timer so that they cannot be addressed before the time. The main thing about this is that even if you delete the application the websites Will not run and will force you to study for the examination that is coming next week is not only teaches you how to control on oneself but also helps the student to score better grades in examination. One drawback of this application is that it is only available for macOS operating system and not on the windows or the Android operating system for the mobile application.

10. Sleep if you can :

If you’re one of those students who have classes early morning but you have a difficulty in making up that early but you cannot miss any class at any cost then this application might be a solution for you because this app has certain rules that need to be followed in order for the alarm to be stopped. This application is rated as one of the most annoying applications on the application store because to stop the alarm the person has to either shake the phone really hard or do as the application instructs for sample the application might ask you to click a photo of a car outside or maybe even jump twice. Now this will not only help to wake you up but will also give a boost to your morning. This application is available for both androids as well as iOS devices.
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