The Effects of Social Networking on Hiring and Firing Decisio

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The Effects of Social Networking on Hiring and Firing Decisions

Why Research–Supported Argument?
It is easy to share our opinions about a topic. It is much more challenging to formulate a formal argument that defends a position on a controversial topic. The research supported argument paper allows you to hone your “academic voice” and use it develop a formal argument.

Your Purpose when writing Research–Supported Argument
At the most basic level, you must persuade the reader to accept your thesis. The presentation of detailed and well-researched information on a subject is what will allow you to defend successfully your argumentative thesis.
One of the other major reasons for writing this paper is so that you can demonstrate your skill in using academic source material to help build a discussion that you control. In order to build an engaging, persuasive argument, you should balance your use of sources so that you do not rely too heavily on one source. Show the reader that you know your stuff. Show the reader that you have looked at your topic in many different ways, and from many different perspectives. Show the reader that you are using the sources in service to your argument. Don’t let the sources control the paper or drown out your own voice.