The Enormous Radio Literary Analysis

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The Enormous Radio Literary Analysis

Writer Please follow these instructions to a T. The last time I submitted an order I received an F for the instructions not being followed to a T. So please I am asking you to follow them.

On paper #2, you will choose one literary work from the second half of the semester and write a 4-6 p analysis of it. I choose The Enormous Radio by John Cheever. In the textbook used in class which I have provided below this story starts on page 250 and ends on page 258.

Your assignment is to write an essay in which you explain in a clear thesis statement the theme of the work as you see it, then in the body of your paper, show how you arrived at that conclusion. In other words, each body paragraph should address one aspect of the work (ex., point of view, characterization, form, narration, imagery, symbolism, setting, etc.) and provide quoted support from the text you’re analyzing to back your claims.

If you want to write a paper that does an in-depth character analysis, for example, that is fine. It would then be your job to break that down into parts over the body paragraphs of your essay (either character traits, weaknesses, strengths, sympathetic/unsympathetic qualities or look at different characters separately and in detail). In this example, make sure to look at why you’re addressing the author’s use of characterization. How, for instance, does a character study help us to better understand the story’s theme?

Keep in mind: this is an essay. It must have a clear topic, thesis statement, and a clear argument with supporting points. You are expected to do more than simply present a general discussion of a work. Focus on something specific, and make an argument.

Some rules for good literary analysis:

-Use quotations from the literary text(s) to support your interpretation and to show the reader exactly which aspects of an author you are discussing; smoothly incorporating quotes is an important skill for analyzing literature.

-Think of your audience as an intelligent group of people who have read the work: your purpose, therefore, is to say something of interest to the group. Do not summarize the story: have a point of your own for every quote and every piece of information that you include. Try not to begin or end a body paragraph with a quotation. Remember, they are there to support your ideas.

-Stay focused on your topic from the very beginning of your essay: even your introduction should concentrate on one central idea. Do not introduce the author. Do not provide general historical information.

-If you decide to write a comparison/contrast paper, make sure that you sufficiently connect the two works you’re discussing thematically. It should read as one unified paper (not two papers stuck together), and you should make it clear how reading these two works alongside one another leads to a better understanding of both.

-Do not use any sources for this paper. I want your fresh and original ideas. A sign that you have used a single uncited source will result in an unappealable failure. (By the way, I know how to use the internet). This assignment is all about your ideas.

-A literary analysis should be written in the present tense and in first or third person, no second person please (“you”).

*Grading is as follows:

Readability: 20pts

Clarity of Purpose/Thesis Statement: 10pts

Audience Awareness: 10pts

Support, Analysis, Critical Thinking: 20pts

Organization: 15pts

Completeness and Depth: 25ptsQuick Essay Writers, the BEST ESSAY WRITING SERVICE in London, UK
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