The Long 1960s

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Paper instructions:
Choosing a topic & conducting research:
When choosing a topic, you should
focus on material that interests you and fits our course themes. There is
no ³perfect topic², because each of
you has different interests. Think of
the aspects of The Long 1960s to which you can relate or form a strong
and keep in mind that your paper must be strongly related to our course
material. We have arrived at a
fascinating moment in the history of information, when the explosion of
sources suggests that anything worth knowing can be found through Google.
The internet is a great tool, but I do not want you to conduct all research
online. In Guarini and any other
libraries nearby, you will find rich documents not available online.
Please take advantage of them, and please avoid
Writing the paper:
The style of the paper should not
be factual, like a book report, nor should it be creative, as in fiction.
This is ³expository writing² ­ writing which
exposes your opinion about what happened in history through the use of
examples and evidence. Although the
examples used are different, expository writing is important to most
including Medicine, Social Work, Law, National Security, Government, and
Enforcement. The main difference between
this paper and something you might write in your career, such as a legal
human resources report, or medical case study, is that you are using
historical evidence, rather than
present-day examples, to make your case.
Human resources professionals use company paperwork or email records as
evidence. You will be using history –
quotes from relevant individuals and facts from published sources ­ to
your reader (me) that the argument you describe in your thesis statement
is accurate.