The role of legal representation in australian local court and supreme court

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Draw a comparison between the role of legal representation in Local Court and Supreme Court. You should then research the literature in order to situate your own observations and views against the backdrop of the key research discussed in the course and extracted in the textbook (e.g. based at Flinders University, South Australia: see
<>). Bear in mind that courts we are referring in here is Australian courts.
Your Paper should combine material from your observations and from the research literature. You do not have to agree with the analyses and
conclusions reached in the published research; do not be afraid to challenge research findings or themes if you think they are inappropriate or inapplicable. But try to use the research as a guide or frame through which to make sense of or order your own observations. The papers which score highest will be those with the most original, thoughtful and critical discussion and analysis, conducted in a way that blends observation with research.
You must avoid simple description of the cases you observed, or of the layout of the court, and also avoid launching into a detailed exposition of some area of substantive law. This is not to say that some elements
of description might not be appropriate, but that such description should be linked to some more general or specific focus, theme or argument. Try to make an argument, state a position, take a stand.
In writing up your court experience and observation, try to convey the flavour of what the experience meant for you.
In addition your Paper will be enhanced by:
• the ability to reflect critically and originally on what you have observed and the research literature.
Do not simply rely upon the extracts in the textbook.
• the ability to organise your paper in a coherent way around some particular theme or themes or
around some specific issue which aroused your interest.
• the ability to express yourself with clarity and elegance.
• good presentation: tidy, typed papers are required.
• an accurate bibliography