Top ten social skills every kid should know

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Top ten social skills every kid should know

As the child starts to grow from a toddler, the parents should start paying attention to the Social Skills that the child has and needs to learn in the out coming future because they are the basic skills that any child should have at the beginning of the growing years. It should be taken care in the beginning because as the child is smaller in age, it is easier for the child to grasp this information and will eventually help in building the confidence in the child. Today’s children have their heads down on the cell phones and this leads to them being a bit shy than the children of the previous generation. This shyness mostly leads to a communication gap between the parents and their children which is not a good way to live a family life.

Top ten social skills every kid should know
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If you are one of the parents who doesn’t want their child to be called shy or if you are a child who is facing a lot of difficulties while trying to socialise with the people around you then this post is just for you because down in this post are the Top Ten Social Skills that every kid should know in order to effectively communicate with people in the house and around them.

1. Introducing Oneself:

This is one of the most basic skill that a child needs to have in order to socialise with the people in the house or in the neighborhood because if you can’t introduce yourself to the person it might seem that the person is not having enough confidence and this might lead to a downgrade in the life of the person because people tend to attract towards people who show confidence. This is the reason why children from a small age are taught how to respond to basic questions and to give a good introduction.

2. Apologising:

Children at small ages should be taught to say sorry or to apologise for their faults because this gives them the power to accept the fact that at some point, they were wrong and this leads to development of a better character and a sense of achievement that they had the courage to accept what was wrong and be bold about it.

3. Following the Rules and Regulations:

This should be one of the most important aspects for the child while growing up because it is always better for the child to realise that the world revolves around a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed at all times to ensure that everything is happening in a way it was meant to be. This might also be able to develop a sense of maturity in the kid and will make them a responsible citizen.

4. Finish an Open Task:

By finishing, here I mean to complete a task which is left incomplete. Children mostly have a habit of leaving something in the middle while they are doing something because they don’t find it that important anymore and this leads to a development of a very irresponsible behavior and the children should always be taught that if something needs to be done even if it is not interesting or that fun to do, must be done on time. They must be taught not to see the short-term happiness but to look for the bigger picture as compared to the short-term happiness.

5. Denial:

Sometimes when the children are in a good mood, they will do anything you ask them for and when the table is turned, they turn into these small monsters who will deny any task given to them in the rudest way possible and this should be prevented because they should learn how to say no properly when they are not in a mood to do the work. They should be taught with the proper manners so as to how to deny some work given to them followed by an appropriate reason as to why they are not able to do the same.

6. Asking for Support:

One should be able to teach the child that as a parent, you understand that it is okay to make mistakes because that is what children do and this is how they learn. Humans are nothing but bodies that keep on learning and growing with the help of the feedback they receive from each other on a daily basis. The child should be taught that if in need, there should be no hesitation to ask for help because the elders will always be ready to help the child, no

matter what happens and the child should not be hesitant to ask for help.

7. Accepting Denial:

Small children have no experience of life and they like to believe in that whatever they want and the way they want, everything will happen in the same way but it is important to teach them that not everything happens the way we expect it to happen and sometimes even leads to disappointment and frustration. Not all the demands of the child should be fulfilled so that the child remembers the same and when something really harsh happens, the child should be able to support self and not break down completely.

8. Sharing:

Since childhood, everyone is taught that sharing is caring because of the fact that sharing tells that one-person cares about the other and is willing to share what is actually theirs. Children should be taught that sharing is a nice gesture and they should always encourage sharing.

9. Phonetic Manners

With the current trend in technology where every kind of communication is done on the phone, the children should be taught how to talk and greet their elders while talking on the phone to them, this being important because while talking on phone, one only uses voice as a measure to check one’s politeness and if the child is not aware so as to how to talk in the phone with anyone, it might sound rude to the person on the other side of the phone.

10. Table Manners:

Table manners are one of the most underrated things that the parents forget to teach their children because if the manners of a child are not good enough, it might seem rude to others and make them might want to leave the table. This might not be good for the social health of the child.

Conclusion: We hope that this post might be able to help you a bit in raising a better human from your child because this world is in desperate need of some due to the type of persons humans are turning into. Please note that this in no way is a blame on you or your child and each kid is special in their own way.
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