USA Presidential Elections 2016: Controversies and News

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USA Presidential Elections 2016: Controversies and News

The Presidential Elections in the US are attracting more attention than ever. Although November 8 is several months away, the nation is already excited about the next President. Since Obama, the favorite president in recent history, is not eligible for another term, we really don’t know what to expect.

Hillary Clinton maintains her status as a possible winner throughout the campaign, but the Republicans have noticeable candidates too. All candidates are getting attention with the promises they make. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the campaign got more heated than expected. If you still don’t know who you will vote for, you might get some hints from the current news, debates and polls.

The Most Notable Candidates

The Democrats currently have three candidates with active campaigns: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy in April, 2015. According to the latest opinion polls, she is expected to be the frontrunner for the Democrats during the elections. Senator Bernie Sanders is the second choice, and Martin O’Malley hasn’t attracted much attention with his candidacy. Joe Biden, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, and Lawrence Lessig dropped out of the primary race. Larry Lessig mentioned unfair debate rules as a reason for the end of his presidential campaign, and Jim Webb said that the Democratic National Committee was nothing more than an arm for Clinton’s campaign.

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The Republican Party has 14 candidates that are still active in their campaigns: Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, George Pataki, Kim Gilmore, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Huckabee. Senator Ted Cruz was the first one to announce his candidacy in March, 2015. Although the competition is tough, there is one name that hits the news every single day: Donald Trump. His campaign is based on controversial statements that are not failing to attract attention. The latest polls for the Republican candidates show that Trump is the favorite candidate among the voters of this party. The polls were not favorable for this candidate during the beginnings of his campaign, but his controversial statements seem to work. Bush, who was doing well on the polls during the beginnings, is now facing low popularity. Carson, Cruz and Rubio are the only candidates who have the potential to endanger Trump according to the latest polls.

Debates and Controversies

Hillary Clinton has left controversies in the past, but the name Monica Lewinsky is still a mark on her campaign. Now, the American citizens want to know where her fortune comes from. The Lewinsky scandal left her family with huge legal fees, but that didn’t prevent the Clintons from buying luxurious properties in 1999 and 2000. She is now gaining attention with her statements on the US activity in Syria. This is her point of view: the USA should go after ISIS and bring an end to Assad’s regime. The Republicans have a serious critique for this foreign policy: the Democrats have no strategies to defeat ISIS.

Clinton’s controversies are nothing when compared to Donald Trump’s statements. He does have a strategy to fight terrorism: a total and complete shutdown of Muslim immigration in the US. Many people criticized this point of view on social media. George Takei, an actor with a great following base on Facebook, invited Trump to see a musical that depicts the lives of Japanese-American families that were subjected to similar policies after Pearl Harbor. Donald Trump has based his campaign upon foreign policies. According to his statements, Japan and China are the culprits for the lack of job opportunities in the USA. He has a solution for this problem too: American-owned companies should bring their offshore manufacturing branches back to their native country.

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After all these controversies, you would think that Trump’s popularity went down. The results from polls show the opposite: he is becoming more popular as time goes by. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have strong candidates for the presidential race. All we can do is keep waiting for November 8, 2016 to see where these campaigns will lead to.