Use logos, ethos, and pathos

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Prompt 1: Explore how Martin Luther King effectively uses logos, ethos, and
pathos to convince his audience of his message in ?Letter from Birmingham
Jail.? This essay will not require a thesis. Instead, the main assertion has
already been taken for granted: namely, that Martin Luther King expertly
employs logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade his audience to accept his
argument. Therefore, all that you now need to do is supply the evidence that
proves this assertion to be true. Be sure to cite Martin Luther King?s letter
when appropriate.
Prompt 2: Analyze the recent decision by the state legislatures in Maryland and
Delaware to abolish capital punishment. Taking arguments in Maryland and
Delaware, along with the case of the West Memphis Three, argue for the
abolition of capital punishment throughout the United States. However, if you?d
prefer to write an essay in support of the 31 states that continue the
institution of capital punishment then you may do so. However, your essay will
need to address the recent decisions made in Delaware and Maryland as well as
the arguments made in the film Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory.
Prompt 3: Returning to the quote ?It?s not so much the things you don?t know
that get you into the trouble, it?s the things you know for certain that just
ain?t so,? deconstruct the events portrayed in the film Paradise Lost 3 while
identifying logical fallacies and emotional appeals.