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(households) market in India is slowly becoming competitive with the introduction of Aquaguard in a big way. Zero-B is another brand which has been in the market for the last few years. It also offers portable models (tumblers). New brands are also entering the market. Aquapen, a pocket sized water purifier was launched in 1997 at a cost of Rs. 594. The product works on a 6V battery and has a LED indicator which flashes every five seconds to indicate the product is operational. The purification process lasts for about 50 seconds. A battery lasts for about 5000 glasses. The company planned to retail the product at around 50,000 outlets and had planned an advertising budget of Rs. 5 crores. Taking into account, the other brands in this market, formulate a detailed marketing plan for Aquapen addressing the following issues:

a) Specify the target segment you would select for Aquapen.

b) What will be its positioning?

c) Identify the media strategy to reach out to the target segments.

d) Comment on the distribution strategy.