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Quick Essay Writers UK Disclaimer

Service availability

While our writing services shall endeavor to make this site available at all times, we will not be liable if, for any reason, the site is unavailable for any period of time.

Access to this site may be suspended at any time without prior notice being given.

We are not liable for any damages arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use this site or any material contained in it, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the site.

The materials on this site comprise our views; they do not constitute legal or other professional advice. You should consult your professional adviser for legal or other advice.

Links disclaimer

This site offers links to other sites thereby enabling you to leave this site and go directly to the linked site. We are not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link in a linked site. We are not responsible for any transmission received from any linked site. The links are provided to bring visitors to our site and the inclusion of a link does not imply that we endorse that information or have approved the linked site.

Use of the received pieces of writing

You may not put your name on the delivered pieces of writing (hereinafter referred to as "Product"). All Products and/or other written materials delivered to you are for research and/or reference only. We do not condone, encourage, or knowingly take part in plagiarism or any other acts of academic fraud or dishonesty. We strongly adhere to and abide by all copyright laws, and will not knowingly allow any Customer to commit plagiarism or violate copyright laws. You agree that any Product and/or other written material delivered to you is provided only as a model, example document for research use, and any text and/or ideas from our document that you borrow, reference, refer to, or otherwise use in any way in your own original paper must be properly cited and attributed to this website.

Neither our company nor any of our affiliates and/or partners shall be liable for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise wrongful use of the Products and/or other written material received from our website. This includes plagiarism, lawsuits, poor grading, expulsion, academic probation, loss of scholarships/awards/grants/prizes/titles/positions, failure, suspension, or any other disciplinary or legal actions. The buyer of material from our website is solely responsible for any and all disciplinary actions arising from the improper, unethical, and/or illegal use of the material.

The company will not be liable for any delays or technical problems in delivery of the Product resulting from any malfunction of customer's mail-server or customer's Internet Service Provider.

We do not guarantee any particular grade and you cannot ask for refund in case you were poorly assessed.


The plagiarism level that is regarded as acceptable by us is below 10%. In case plagiarism level is higher, you have the right to ask for revision or refund. For additional information considering these issues, you are free to view our Money Back Guarantee and Revision Policy. Please mind that bibliographical references (in-text referencing and bibliography page at the end of the papers) and clichéd phrases (idioms, standard phrases, connectors and other frequently used phrases) shall not be regarded as plagiarism and shall not be included in the plagiarism level calculation.


The pricing that you see in the Prices section of the website do not include VAT. It is charged only to customers from the European Union. It will be added to the cost of the order in the process of payment transaction. VAT is non-refundable.

Requests for refund and revision

We do not perform more than 3 (three) free revisions. If you want your paper to be revised after using the three available revisions, you have to place a new order for editing/proofreading.

If our Quality Assurance Department decides that your initial instructions are satisfied, your refund request will be rejected. Refund request is satisfied only when requirements listed in the Revision Policy are met. Please note, however, that the value added tax (VAT)is non-refundable.

After pressing the "Approve" button, you don't have the right to ask for any refund. In this case you can only ask for a revision, but only within 7 days after you press it. Do not press this button if you haven't checked the paper in the preview mode. If you cannot view the paper in the available format, please contact our Customer Support Representatives and ask them for another way to preview the document.

When asking for a full refund, you don't have the right to use the paper or any of the additional materials we may have provided you with in the course of work. All these materials become the property of our company and we reserve the right to publish the paper on-line for commercial purposes. We do not keep any kind of essay databases and 'publish on-line' means that if the paper is googled or checked with any kind of anti-plagiarism software, it will link back to our website. It may also be published as content or as a sample essay. This is done to protect our writers' work in those cases when the Customer claims a refund when work has been already completed.

Please note that you have 7 days to approve the paper. The approval time is calculated from the moment the last version was uploaded to your personal order page. After this period has passed, the paper (or a part of the paper) is approved automatically.

If you live in the European Union and have paid VAT in the process of the payment transaction, you do not receive it back with a refund. You get back only the money or a percent of the price stated in the Prices section of the website. VAT is non-refundable.


If you place an order for proofreading/editing, you cannot expect the writer to change more than 30% of the text. Proofreading is essentially us checking the work for you for any errors or plagiarized parts (we scan every submitted document for plagiarism).

Also, you cannot expect the writer to rewrite or create a brand new piece from what you upload. Nor can you ask the writer to rewrite an online article and still be charged for proofreading. Rewriting of any sort and proofreading are different.

We Are Trusted

You are insured for upto $10,000 as a customer. Be confident when ordering from Quick Essay Writers UK. Professional Essay Writers.

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